Gumball 3000 Free Casino Tournaments in Betsafe Casino

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It's time for Gumball 3000 drivers to enter Barcelona, famous for its beautiful beaches, outstanding nightlife and of course football. Team Betsafe will be with you along the way giving you small gaming treasures every day! In each city Gumball makes a pitstop, Team Betsafe makes a pitstop. And by pitstop they mean an awesome treat for you. You don't wanna miss out! You can check the Daily Gumball Promotion here!

Gumball 3000 Free Casino Tournaments

Casino Black (Cryptologic) gives you 3 Free Casino Tournaments. Free means no entry fee, but nonetheless the combined prize pool is EUR 1000 to compete for:

14.00-18.00: EUR 250 Gumball Starter Slots Freeroll, no entry fee
18.00-21.00: EUR 250 Gumball Checkpoint Slots Freeroll, free to participate
21.00-00.00: EUR 500 Gumball Grand Slam Slots Freeroll, free to enter

Log onto the Casino Black client, click on the tournaments tab, select the tournament of your choice and press "Sign up now"!

Gumball 3000 No Deposit Bonus Code

In addition to the 3 Slots Freerolls, today you also get a No Deposit Bonus worth EUR 1 on Millionaires Club III where the Jackpot is more than EUR 2,4 million. Use the no deposit casino bonus code "MILLION". Go to Casino Black to get your No Deposit Bonus. Read more here... <-- Click the Gumball Promotions Tab.

Also, Don't forget the Exclusive Gumball 3000 Signup Bonuses for NEW customers, e.g. Betsafe will add 20 free spins on Gonzo's Quest un top of the standard signup offer. Read more here... <-- Click the Gumball Promotions Tab.

Terms for the No Deposit Bonus and the Free Casino Tournaments:
- the prizes in the Free Casino Tournaments are real money and have no wagering requirements
- the no deposit bonus can only be wagered on the slot machine Millionaires Club III in Casino Black
- the no deposit bonus must be wagered 50 times before the cash can be withdrawn or transfered to another product
- general terms and conditions applies for this promotion
- no nationalities seem to be excluded, but some countries can be excluded from receiving bonuses at Betsafe in general.


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